About Heinz Plastics

Then ...

Heinz Plastics had already been established in Kleintettau in 1955 when the area of plastics was still in its very early days. Thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Heinz family generation that owned the company at that time and thanks as well to the solidity and solidarity of Heinz Glas (www.heinz-glas.com), Heinz Plastics was founded in Kleintettau.

The decisive step into hollow-parts manufacturing succeeded with the first Bekum blow mould machines, with which high quality and precise production for hollow parts could be set up for the first time. The great demand for products from Heinz Plastics and the use of synergy effects with Heinz Glas helped this business branch to quickly acquire impressive growth and international business.

... and today

Today, Heinz Glas and Plastics Group has more than 3,500 employees worldwide and reaps annual sales of more than 300 million euros. Our high demands on quality and consistent use of synergies ensure that all of our customers receive maximum continuity and precision!

Today there are renowned and successful international companies under the parent brand Heinz Plastics Group, which has its main office in Kleintettau, that have become established with an excellent reputation in the packaging market for cosmetic products as well as in technical chemical products and in the area of F&B (food & beverage).

Heinz Plastics Schleiden / Eifel, which was renamed Kaller Kunststofftechnik KKT (www.kkt-kall.de) and correspondingly reorganized, produces bottles and wide-mouth containers for foodstuffs, the beverage industry as well as for technical chemical products such as dyes/paints, cleaning agents, etc. in collaboration with Eifel-PET.

In 1998, another production site, Heinz Plastics Polska (HPP, www.heinzplastics.com.pl) was founded in Dzialdowo, Poland. Thanks to the extremely positive development in the predominantly Eastern European packaging market for cosmetic products and the establishment of product specialties in the cap sector, a new company could be opened in 2010, which can produce and finish both bottles and caps. In addition, a separate sales office is controlled from there.

A majority share in the Swiss company Ganahl AG (www.ganahl.ch) was acquired in 2008. The company, whose with main office is in Volketswil near Zurich, has developed an excellent reputation as manufacturer of high-precision and high-quality injection blow moulding tools and also as a reliable producer of small bottles up to approx. 150 ml for the cosmetics and foodstuffs industry as well as for the manufacture of mascara bottles.

On September 1, 2011, we were able to acquire the Böhm Plastics Group in Kleintettau with its company Böhm Kunststofftechnik (caps) and Böhm Polytech (bottles). The acquisition of this company group and the simultaneously integrated KIV from Neuhaus (www.kiv-packaging.com), which had developed from the original Heinz Plastics, has created a company that represents a full service supplier for high-quality, decorative bottles as well as for mono-bottles and a wide-ranging product portfolio in the cap sector.

more informations to Heinz Plastics: www.heinz-plastics.com