IBM & ISBM toolmaking

We are the leading experts in high quality precision IBM and ISBM tool making including flexibility and speed.

Engineering & Development

  • Short-term responsiveness
  • Based on customer article drawing or given imagination from the client
  • Products will be developed and designed by means of the latest 3-D CAD technology

Mould Manufacturing

  • Over 22 years of experience in Injection Blow Moulding
  • Over 500 Moulds have already been manufactured
  • High precision and quality with modern machinery
  • Durable moulds (over 10 mio. cycles) due to the use of high quality materials
  • Lead time of moulds "ready for sampling" is 6 to 10 weeks from the order, depending on size, complexity and load

Sampling Laboratory

  • All moulds are sampled prior to delivery