Our field of activity

Processing with our own developed and manufactured Injection Blow Moulding (IBM) Machines, we produce the highest quality bottles, containers and jars with a capacity of 1.5 ml to 250 ml using all common thermoplastics.

We can solve complex tasks implementing our reliable machines and in-house developed and manufactured tools, combined with our extensive process technical know-how. Our clients benefit from the high precision and quality of our manufacturing processes, coupled with our deep-rooted experience.

In addition to the manufacture of client-specified products, we are experts in developing and manufacturing IBM as well as ISBM (Injection Stretch Blow Moulding) tools for third parties worldwide.

As a member of the HEINZ Plastics Group we produce over 300 million bottles, containers and jars per year using all common thermo-plastic materials. Our clients are located throughout the world and active in various markets.